A variety of electromagnetic (EM) methods are either used or being adopted by the exploration&production  industry for detecting, delineating, assessing, and monitoring hydrocarbon reservoirs. For effective utilization of EM methods, the industry needs fast 3D modeling software capable of accurately simulating EM fields in arbitrary 3D anisotropic media. 3DEM Holding is able to address clients’ needs by leveraging a unique combination of our best-in-class fast and accurate 3D EM Software, advanced EM Data Acquisition capabilities, and deep technical and practical knowledge of our Team.

3DEM offers a wide spectrum of proprietary 3D EM modeling-based products and independent services for the following sectors:

  • Borehole EM
  • Marine EM
  • Land EM
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • CO2 sequestration monitoring



Recent News

September 2021 —  3D Electromagnetic Modeling & Inversion Joint Industry Project has been started in collaboration with University of Texas at Austin. Our sponsors: Equinor, BP, ENI, SLB, Halliburton and Baker Hughes. 

February 2018 —  U.S. Patent on Focused-Source EM method and apparatus has been issued:

     Davydycheva, S., 2018, Method and apparatus for detecting and mapping subsurface anomalies, U.S. Patent 9,891,339 B2.

July 2015 —  Focused-Source EM method has been field-tested over Hockley salt dome (Hockley field test site, Harris  county, Texas) by KMS Technologies - KJT Enterprises Inc.

June 2014 —  U.S. Patent on Focused-Source EM method has been issued:

     Rykhlinskaya, E. and. Davydycheva, S., 2014, Method for marine geoelectrical exploration with electrical current focusing, U.S. Patent 8,762,062 B2.

November 2013 —  3DEM Holding jointly with SingularEM has successfully completed a 3D marine Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) modeling project for EMGS using 3DEM’s proprietary general anisotropy finite-difference modeling software. The scope of the project included generating wide-azimuth, multi-component and multi-frequency electromagnetic data for a synthetic 3D CSEM survey. The survey included: a grid of 252 seabed receivers performing registration of three electrical and three magnetic components at 20 frequencies, 16 towlines, and 574 km of the EM source towing.

August 2013 — 3DEM Holding jointly with SingularEM has successfully completed a large 3D time-domain controlled-source electromagnetic modeling project for Shell. The goal of the project was to study the effects of complex anisotropic 3D subsurface conductivity structures, the terrain and acquisition geometry on the electromagnetic fields acquired during land exploration for hydrocarbons.