Founded in Jan. 2010 in Houston, Texas, by Dr. Sofia Davydycheva, 3DEM Holding LLC addresses the needs of the exploration&production industry in fast and robust 3D EM products and independent services for borehole, land, and marine environments.

Team Experience Highlights

  • Industry-recognized leaders in marine, land, and borehole geophysics.
  • Track record of developing and deploying pioneering EM methods and solutions, which advanced the art of 3D modeling, data acquisition, fast 3D subsurface imaging and data interpretation.
  • Track record of software licensing to major oil service companies. Led a number of R&D projects, which introduced the industry to novel data interpretation software and workflows.
  • Extensive technical sales and client relations.
  • 3DEM Holding has strategic relationships with leading players in the industry and academia.

Dr. Sofia Davydycheva is the President and CEO of 3DEM Holding. She holds MS degree in physics and Ph.D. in applied math, both from the Moscow State University. While working for the Central Geophysical Expedition (CGE, Moscow, 1989-2001), Schlumberger (2002-2008, Houston), EMGS Americas (2008, Houston) and Pathfinder (2010-2013, Houston) she led research and development of new well logging tools and fast logging interpretation methods for both resistivity logging, marine/land EM and magnetotellurics. 

She has an outstanding scientific publication and citation track-record (see, filed a number of international patents, and received prestigious academic awards, including: The Log Analyst Best Paper Award of SPWLA in 1999 and two Best Paper Awards (Honorable Mention) by Geophysics of SEG in 2003 and 2011. Sofia’s paper “Triaxial induction tool with electrode sleeve: FD modeling in 3D geometries” (2009) was selected as one of the "Top-50 most cited articles published in the Journal of Applied Geophysics in 2006-2011".


Dr. Vladimir Druskin is a Senior Advisor, see his scientific publication and citation track-record:


Dr. Andrei Davydychev is a Senior Advisor, see his scientific publication and citation track-record:


Alex Kaminsky is a Software Architect, see his scientific publication and citation track-record:


Dr. Ekaterina Rykhlinskaya is a Software Developer. She holds MS degree in physics from the Moscow State University (1998) and Ph. D. in physics from University of Kassel (Germany, 2006). While working for the CGE in Moscow (1998-2004), she did research and development of new 3D imaging technologies for the geophysical applications.  In 2010-2013 Ekaterina worked at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe (Germany), where she developed novel seismic interpretation software.

Ivan Davydychev is a Software Developer. He holds MS degree in electrical engineering from the University of California (Berkeley, 2016) and Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from University of Texas (Austin, 2012). 



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