FSEM method, Field Test in Eastern Siberia (see Selected Publications, Davydycheva et al., Interpretation, 2015)


FSEM allows removal unwanted effect of a shallow resistive semi-infinite layer at the seafloor and detection of two 2-km-deep reservoirs, whereas the standard CSEM does not (see a synthetic case study by Davydycheva and Rykhlinski, 2011, Geophysics):


Davydycheva, S., and  Rykhlinski, N.I., 2011, Focused–source electromagnetic survey versus standard CSEM: 3D modeling in complex geometries, Geophysics, 76, no. 1, F27-F41. Honorable Mention in category of Best Papers in Geophysics http://library.seg.org/doi/abs/10.1190/1.3192841