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Our services include:


Borehole EM

Focused-Source EM

Marine and Land EM

Reservoir Monitoring:

    - water/steam flood monitoring


    - hydraulic fracturing monitoring

Fast and reliable 3D EM modeling software that can accurately handle arbitrary anisotropic conductive media with complex structural interfaces and hydrocarbon reservoirs. It makes crucial contribution to the success of EM technologies. 3DEM is addressing the needs of the exploration&production  industry in advanced 3DEM modeling products.

3DEM’s core technology is the proprietary 1D-2D-3D EM modeling software that has been rigorously tested and validated.  The software can be used virtually for any application of 3D electromagnetics in borehole, on land, or in marine environments and can take into account complex topography, seafloor bathymetry, subsurface geology, and arbitrary 3D anisotropic resistive media.  3DEM best-in-class software is more robust and runs much faster than the competition.   The following 3DEM modeling software modules and applications are available for licensing and come with technical support for users and developers as well as software training:


  • MAXANIS– General fast 3D FD (finite-difference) modeling software, arbitrary 3D anisotropy. Parallel computing on a computer cluster available. Applications:
    • Directional and Propagation Resistivity LWD and Induction tools developed by major service companies
    • General time-domain tool
    • Galvanic (DC) tools
    • Land/Marine Cross-Well measurements
    • Borehole-to-Surface measurements
  • 3DEMcyl  − General 3D FD modeling software in cylindrical coordinates
    • General resistivity LWD and Induction tools developed by major service companies
    • General time-domain tool, EM modeling in cylindrical coordinates
  • 2DEMcyl  − Super-fast 2.5D FD modeling software in cylindrical coordinates
    • 2D axially symmetric medium with anisotropy, arbitrary configuration of (decentralized) transmitting and receiving coils
    • General resistivity LWD and Induction tools developed by major service companies
  • MAXAN2.5D Super-fast 2.5D modeling software in Cartesian coordinates
    • 2D medium (in XZ plane) to model faults, shale lenses, etc., arbitrary configuration of transmitting and receiving coils
    • General resistivity LWD and Induction tools developed by major service companies
  • MAXAN1D – 1D modeling of Directional/Propagation Resistivity and Induction tools; arbitrary biaxial anisotropy


  • MAXANIS– General 3D FD EM modeling software,  arbitrary 3D anisotropy. Applications:
    • CSEM applications in frequency- and time-domains
    • FSEM (Focused-Source EM) in f- and t-domains
    • MagnetoTelluric (MT) in f-domain
    • Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) in f-domain


Model-independent gridding: FD grid for 3D-2.5D modeling is attached to transmitters and receivers and does not depend on the medium model. 

Resistivity tool in a borehole in dipping invaded formation approaches a conductive bed: model-independent FD grid in half-space y > 0 (model symmetry w.r.t. the plane y = 0 is used) 


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Davydycheva and Rykhlinski, 2011 - Honorable Mention in category of Best Papers in Geophysics   


Davydycheva and Frenkel, 2012; 2013


3DEM is addressing the needs of the exploration&production industry in advanced Marine/Land 3D EM products and independent services for conventional and unconventional plays. 3DEM offers the full spectrum of Marine/Land EM & magnetotelluric (MT) acquisition, processing, and interpretation services worldwide.

Feasibility Study, Survey Design, and Data Interpretation rely heavily on 3D EM modeling.  3DEM Modeling Software for fast and accurate simulation of any CSEM & MT configuration and optimization of acquisition schemes enables acquisition of EM data sufficient for reliable reconstruction of the subsurface resistivity volumes.

3DEM is offering the following independent Land/Marine EM services:

  • Feasibility Studies and Survey Designs performed with fast turn-around times.
  • CSEM & MT data acquisition, processing, and interpretation.
  • Quality Control services for the ongoing, future, and past land EM projects.
  • Building reliable data-driven 3D anisotropic models using proprietary technologies.
  • Customized development of target-driven EM data acquisition schemes.
  • Customized development of software for fast 3D modeling/imaging/inversion and flexible workflows for integrated data interpretation.
  • Management, oversight, and support of large-scale R&D as well as land/marine EM data acquisition and interpretation projects.
  • Special training course “Land and Marine 3D Electromagnetics”.


  Finite-difference model of two deep reservoirs in marine CSEM model.

Davydycheva, S., and  Rykhlinski, N.I., 2011, Focused–source electromagnetic survey versus standard CSEM: 3D modeling in complex geometries, Geophysics, 76, no. 1, F27-F41. Honorable Mention in category of Best Papers in Geophysics http://library.seg.org/doi/abs/10.1190/1.3192841